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  Rainbow Socks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing science and nature-focused music, theater and education
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What is Rainbow Socks?

Rainbow Socks is a 501(c)(3) non profit that helps bring affordable nature and science-based musical and theatrical programming to all.

Our programming inspires joy, curiosity and connection to the natural world through the power of creativity and imagination. Using theater, music, and homemade costumes we bring science and nature to life for children and their grown ups. 

For many people our programs are the "spark" that sets them on a lifelong journey of science, conservation, and the arts.

Your generous donation directly supports educational programs, and the creative artists who deliver them, to students, teachers, and the larger community.


Help fill in the rainbow for Rainbow Socks with

2023 End of Year Giving

  • You are the colors of our rainbow‚Ķthis work doesn‚Äôt happen without your support, whether that is listening ears, eyes at shows, or donors and members.
  • Each color represents $5,000
  • Each time we fill in a color we'll reward¬†you with the¬†release of a new song.¬†
  • Songs are the backbones of our educational programming AND with the advent of streaming services creating and releasing new music generates almost no revenue.¬†

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Your donation supports the next generation of environmental stewards, scientists, and artists by providing:

  • Educational musical programming for Thousands of children across the calendar year.
  • Science and nature activities to Hundreds of teachers and learners.
  • FREE educational music videos and hands on activity videos to anyone who needs them.
  • The creation of new music, content and albums for thousands of families to learn from, connect around and enjoy. 
  • Generational environmental education. Community focused programming supports the whole family.
  • Access to programming for schools, organizations, and groups that wouldn't otherwise opt for programming.
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Kate & Mike

Members & Donors

We cannot afford to have any more generations that don't love science. We CAN afford to pay for programs that bring joyful, accessible science education to schools and communities to inspire and spark a love of learning.

Your programs create a positive family space where the environment and nature are part of the conversation.

That's why I am a donor.

Linda & Bob

Members & Donors

I just donated because I want to support your efforts as perhaps a “concerned grandparent of the planet.” Thank you for all you are doing to educate the next generation to the fragile nature of our planet.  I hope you and they do a better job than our generation has.

What a joyful way to educate and spread kindness.



I wanted to reach out and thank your for the incredibly creative ecological musical playful learning adventures you're facilitating.

Deeply inspiring, playful, energetic, and ecologically on point.


Friends School Boulder

A Jeff and Paige livestream virtual assembly was an amazing experience for our school! Their show was a helpful connection to our curriculum for several of our classes, but more importantly, it was a joyful hour of community connection. It was so fun to watch kids and parents comment during the show and that we're all experiencing it together.

Thank you for bringing our families some extra levity and connection.

Your generous donation directly supports educational programs, and the creative artists who deliver them, to students, teachers and the larger community.

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Jeff Kagan and Paige Doughty met in graduate school for environmental education in 2005. Their mutual love of nature and performance has led to nearly two decades of creating science and nature-based music, concerts and educational content for kids and their grown ups. Together this musical duo of "Jeff & Paige" have presented over 2,000 children’s events loaded with the love and appreciation for the natural world, science, and community.

The 2020-21 pandemic was a difficult time to be in the educational events world and proved that artists need a more sustainable business model. It led Jeff & Paige to a big question (as well as a whole lot of paperwork): 

What if we could fundraise to cover unpaid operating expenses and offer subsidized event rates to the non-profits, schools, libraries and local government entities who hire educational entertainment without sacrificing the health and livelihood of the artists themselves?

Fast forward to autumn 2022 and Meet Rainbow Socks, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in support of science and nature-focused music, theater and education for all! If you want to hear the grit and grace and vulnerability of this journey listen to the Jeff and Paige Backstage Podcast episode all about the journey. 

With the help of donors we are now able to subsidize event fees for many of the good-hearted orgs. with whom we work and keep the music, education and community rockin'!

Rainbow Socks
EIN: 88-1489754
Mailing address:
4697 Tally Ho Ct.
Boulder, CO 80301

Our Board:

Emily Osterman - Executive Director: Book Trails 501c3


Sarah Colomina - Musician, Artist, Graphic Designer


Paige Doughty - President: Jeff & Paige


Jeff Kagan - Creative Director: Jeff & Paige