Bring Science & Nature to ALL 

Through Music & Theatre 

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What Does It Serve?  

Rainbow Socks is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to help bring joyful science and nature based education to all.

Through grants, donations, and other fundraising efforts Rainbow Socks aims to support program expenses and sustain musical and theatrical nature and science-based programming, music, videos, and educational content, while keeping costs affordable to the community.

Rainbow Socks programming inspires joy, curiosity and connection to the natural world through the power of creativity and imagination.

The Specifics:

As you choose your donation amount, here are some program costs to consider: 
  • $25 pays for gas to travel to/from a program.

  • $50 pays for the time and materials to repair homemade costumes, props and sets.

  • $75 pays for an hour of time to record new music. 

  • $100 pays for distribution of music and video content for free to the public.

  • $150 pays for an hour of time to develop new content directly connected to the science curriculum that kids are learning. 

  • $200 pays for repairs to sound gear, speakers, microphones, recording equipment etc.

  • $250 pays for a sound engineer at a public event.

  • $500 pays for an intimate classroom mini concert or songwriting workshop to supplement and expand learning for students with diverse needs.

  • $2000 pays for a large school assembly.

  • $3000 pays for a free public event for the community, bringing together people in a joyful celebration of science and nature. 

  • $3500 pays for educational science and nature programming for a whole school. 

Your generous donation directly supports educational programs, and the creative artists who deliver them, to students, teachers and the larger community.

EIN: 88-1489754
Mailing address:
4697 Tally Ho Ct.
Boulder, CO 80301