Episode 4... “Like A Phoenix Rising From The… Introducing Rainbow Socks.”

Season #1

Introducing "Rainbow Socks" an all-new nonprofit. Jeff and Paige have recently earned non-profit status and are here to tell you about what led them to this decision and the future of their work as a duo in the community. Make a donation to Rainbow Socks and help bring science and nature education and programming to thousands of children through music, theater, and play in 2023 and beyond. Visit rainbowsocks.jeffandpaige.org.

About the show: “Backstage with Jeff and Paige” is a production of Rocky Mountain Music, Inc. This podcast takes you backstage with children’s musicians and environmental educators Jeff & Paige as they share their passion with you for raising the next generation of environmental stewards.

Producers: Meav Emanuel, Paige Doughty, and Jeff Kagan

Host: Meav Emanuel

Producer, Editor, and Sound Engineer: Kyle Donovan

Recorded at Cinder Sound Studio