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The Knowledge that you are supporting arts and science education!

Memberships and donations are the steady stream of financial support that allow us to have a thriving arts and education business while subsidizing 40+ eventsyear.

Member only perks and small member only events 

A family sing along, a kid-friendly cruiser ride, a winter solstice lantern walk, a morning of games and fun, a visit to a solar farm...The opportunity to name our event gear, a rainbow rock treasure hunt, a photo of baby Jeff & Paige...

Throughout the year members get a special chance to connect with Jeff and Paige and one another! We’ll keep you guessing with what fun things we have to offer. 

Jeff & Paige’s Learning Adventures Video Library

As soon as you join you have access to dozens of ready to do nature and science based activities. Jeff and Paige offer the invitation, you and the kids get to explore together.

Great for teachers, home-schoolers, and grown ups looking for screen free entertainment grounded in nature and science discovery. 

Printable activities that connect to Jeff and Paige Music Videos

(i.e. Watch our “Scoop-a-Doop-Poop” video and then try your luck at the “Get the Dog Poop to the Refuse Bucket” Maze!)

That warm fuzzy feeling that you are doing something good.

 Your monthly membership contribution gives Rainbow Socks the financial support needed to work with diverse populations of schools, other non-profits and community-oriented organizations. 

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